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New artwork for Japanese rock band Catch Me Yesterday!

Check them out live in Japan, playing their new song Tongari! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itWA6iizweM

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_Jammo_ is an artist-brand by Luke Stuart。

This is a project that even now only at age 20, I can say I've been working hard at for the past 4+ years。This project - and the name "Jammo" - are very important to me。

I hope you find something important for you as well; diving head first into any dream that refuses to migrate from your head-space。

If you take anything from this project of mine, I hope it can be the notion that dreams are worth it。

You can complain; stomp your feet, cry, vent - whatever it may be。But... I don't want you to ever give up; not on yourself or others。

Once you start, you absolutely cannot give up no matter how tough it gets。

Make it happen。