Thank you for being here。

By Lucas Stuart

Thank you for being here。

Changes coming leading into 2019;

I’ve established that _Jammo_ as a name is something my friend and I want to cultivate into an apparel brand and self-publisher featuring my manga, catalogs, zines, stationary, etc. 
I’m at inches away from giving up at times, but last night I had the worst pain ever in my four years of my illness and sort of just got out of the shower and sat down at my computer and bought the domain name Jonathan and I spent hours on the website and it’s absolutely beautiful. I cannot wait to share it with you. It hosts an archive, a live Instagram feed, a store, collections archive (lookbook), a blog, and hopefully an online reader to preview all of our print material when we get beyond our first self-published manga short story and re-prints of my “Welcome Back” zine a lot of you liked. 
For real though, all of my money is in this. I’m literally going all in, and I want to say I love you guys for not giving up on me and supporting me as a person and hopefully _Jammo_ as a brand in the short and long-term. I don’t have anything too kind to say regarding the comments on my last post because it isn’t the sort of post I made for attention necessarily. I’m just thankful and feel love for and from you all ( ̄O ̄;)🌱 And also, I promise to do the contest results soon. If I’m honest, I just cannot decide between a couple and I had to prioritize this website to be up-to-speed with my own progress. I promise the wait is worth-while!! You guys will... get the best prizes ever!! 


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