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This new release marks the entry into a new chapter for _Jammo_ and for all of the artists who are now a part of this family. _Jammo_ is now a group project with combined efforts from Eggrooooll, Tenchio, Ray N, and Daiirich, and of course, Luke Stuart. 

Daiirich is a mangaka, illustrator, and painter based in Bermuda.

Dai has done artwork for American rapper ABSENSE;



Luke Stuart and Dai became good friends on Instagram in 2018 and a friend group comprised of himself, Luke, Eggrooooll, and Freshy Dessy ended up forming over the internet. Ray N and Tenchio ended up joining along the way but Dai is considered by Luke to be one of the reasons any of this happened at all. Dai was helping and selling apparel and sketch commissions drawn on playing cards at the _Jammo_ booth during Summer 2019 at Florida Supercon. If you were there, you may remember him / this exact shirt!