_Jammo_ as an artist-brand by Luke Stuart, cultivated largely from a passion for Japanese manga, films, fashion, and design; a desire to share a sort of inexplicable essence and wonder into a straight-forward brand consisting primarily of original apparel created and curated with love and attention.

This is a project that even now only at age 20, I can say I've been working hard at for the past 4+ years。This project - and the name "Jammo" - are very important to me。

In Japanese, "じゃあ" (jaa) is like saying something along the lines of "well," "so," or is used in response to accepting a situation, etc。
In Japanese, "も" (mo) means something like "and,” "too," "also," "additionally"。
There's also "もう," (mou) which is a bit more implication of a sort of limit reached or intolerance for said situation, but in context can also mean "the other" as in 'the other' guy。

Put together, "じゃあも" (jaa mo) means something like "Well then"。 

It's sort of that feeling of accepting something that has to be done; sort of just taking a deep breath and going "Well then, where do we start..."。

Intentionally, "Jammo" is not one-to-one transcribed following the romanization of "jaa mo," (well then), but rather in Japanese katakana as "ジャっモ" (Jammo)。

I hope you find something important for you as well; diving head first into any dream that refuses to migrate from your head-space。

If you take anything from this project of mine, I hope it can be the notion that dreams are worth it。

You can complain; stomp your feet, cry, vent - whatever it may be。But... I don't want you to ever give up; not on yourself or others。

Once you start, you absolutely cannot give up no matter how tough it gets。

We can wish for more buildings of pinks, blues, yellows and reds, or we can make them ourselves。

頑張って!Do your best! 

Directed, illustrated, and managed by Luke Stuart。