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This new release marks the entry into a new chapter for _Jammo_ and for all of the artists who are now a part of this family. _Jammo_ is now a group project with combined efforts from Eggrooooll, Tenchio, Ray N, and Daiirich, and of course Luke Stuart. 

Eggy’s a New York-based artist who does some of the coolest sketches I’ve seen; he’s one of my favorite artists. I can’t really describe what he does, but he is extremely prolific and his work manages to speak to our manga culture without even being “manga.” Do you know what I mean?

"Hi, Eggroll here, I'm a dude who likes to draw for fun (I literally sound like Saitama and shiz). My process of drawing things is mostly coming up stuff out of the fly without really any planning. The unpredictability is exciting but once in awhile can back me into a corner. But aye, sometimes you gotta take risks! I like comix of all kind, taking walks and counting the ceiling titles in my apartment~"

I’m continually blown away by his sketches; his ability to just make and make and make and never stop.