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This new release marks the entry into a new chapter for _Jammo_ and for all of the artists who are now a part of this family. _Jammo_ is now a group project with combined efforts from Eggrooooll, Tenchio, Ray N, and Daiirich, and of course, Luke Stuart. 

ray n. is an American mangaka / comic artist who has contributed to not only _Jammo_ comics’ releases with being a storyboard/script collaborator on the latter half of Luke Stuart’s manga one-shot HOMEROOM, but ray has also contributed to #TeamJump back in the print Shonen Jump days. ray’s artwork can be seen in Viz Media's Shonen Jump print magazine, including the final pages of the final print issue (Issue 04, 2012). Check it out if you have a copy!  
ray also won the runner-up award in the Shonen Jump Bakuman-themed storyboard contest (Issue 01, 2012) with his work following the theme “The summer adventures of a 13-year-old teen who dreams of becoming a movie star in New York,” which was a theme chosen by and presented by the Shonen Jump editorial department. ray has many works, two of which include his right to left manga, SALARYMAN: The 9-to-5 Hero, which will be featured in the upcoming summer release quarterly _Jammo_ print anthology, FUNK, and his left to right comic series CAE (Children Are Evil). His Twitter and Instagram tags are @themistern.