“Homeroom” original manga pages

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These are 11 x 17” manga pages originally drawn at 600 dpi in Clip Studio Paint. My process involves printing these detailed pages and scanning them back to digital, and then using those scans for the actual pages you see in those books. In other words, these are analog masters and not just prints of digital art. In addition to my original copies, I’m producing 5 replica sets of these and there will be no more made after these are sold. Each set is signed and numbered with non-bleeding ink on the backs of each of the pages. They will not be mass produced, and this is the closest that one can get to an original of something that is drawn digitally unless it is an NFT, which I do not make or consent of for my artwork. The final page of "Homeroom" is drawn by Ray N and if you want it signed by him I am able to arrange that. 

This is a complete set pages of my manga one-shot “Homeroom,” originally published as a zine and then in 2022 in my solo release compilation of my one-shots titled “Timeless ; Endless ; Silence”.

Included with each purchase is a portfolio as depicted in the photos as well as a small ink sketch. The pages will be shipped inside of the portfolio and wrapped carefully.

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 Outside of my own personal published projects, I’ve been an assistant on two Japanese manga series, “37 Seconds” by Yohei Kurihara and “Nora no ie” by Yummi. Thank you for your support! Instagram and Twitter: @Lukestu_art