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This new release marks the entry into a new chapter for _Jammo_ and for all of the artists who are now a part of this family. _Jammo_ is now a group project with combined efforts from Eggrooooll, Tenchio, Ray N, and Daiirich, and of course, Luke Stuart. 

This particular design contains scenes from Tenchio's 6-page one-shot "Beach To The Artist", encompassing a message of newfound peace, hope, and growth.

Tenchio is an Uruguay-based mangaka and musician who is contributing to the cultivation of native English-language seinen manga internationally.

His 2020 album “Crosshatching Holographs of a Cityscape (Antiopus)” is a phenomenal ambient noise math rock album which even received compliments from Kentaro Nakao, bassist of legendary Japanese experimental noise rock band Number Girl.

Tenchio works on his manga and music alone in his bedroom. Tenchio also is the background assistant on Luke Stuart's new manga, “But Even So, I Like You Soo Much”.


"Having never left my home in Paysandú, Uruguay, I’ve spent a concerning amount of my lifetime screaming into the abyss in the form of artwork and music, and also by actually screaming. In spite of a lack of clear inspiration, I strive to create something meaningful. Among my very obvious influences, you'll find Inio Asano, Kengo Hanazawa and TK."